Solar, Onshore wind costs

Reuters - BUSINESS NEWS MAY 29, 2019   Nina Chestney LONDON (Reuters) - Electricity generated by onshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies will in the next year be consistently cheaper than from any fossil fuel source, a report showed on Wednesday, boosting the case for energy sources that don’t emit carbon. The trend for cut-price renewable energy … Continue reading Solar, Onshore wind costs

Labour plans for new nuclear and R.Energy…

From Dave Toke's green energy blog   Thursday, 23 May 2019 Published below is a memorandum from the 'Red Lion Group' of 12 academics, to the Labour Party Shadow Energy Secretary, which sets out how Labour's support for new nuclear power prevents the achievement of its plans for renewable energy. This means that Labour's plans to give many … Continue reading Labour plans for new nuclear and R.Energy…

PV leads the way….

from PV magazine - MAY 30, 2019 MAX HALL PV leads the way as renewables threaten coal-fired power With clean energy being generated at lower and lower prices around the world, solar power is playing a leading role in bringing the curtain down on coal, and will help the decarbonization of transport and space heating too. … Continue reading PV leads the way….

Extinction rebellion – Nuclear Power?

I wondered what the views of ER were about Nuclear Power. They could conceivably be that Nuclear Power offered a low carbon solution to the future - but don't. (here) extract from the Resilience site - The solutions are ready. We also have 25 years of progress in both developing and delivering solutions. In 2008, … Continue reading Extinction rebellion – Nuclear Power?

Carbon emissions: net zero

from: MISSION POSSIBLE REACHING NET-ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS FROM HARDER-TO-ABATE SECTORS BY MID-CENTURY Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from heavy industry and heavy-duty transport sectors is technically and financially possible by mid-century – 2050 in developed countries and 2060 in developing countries. The report Mission Possible: Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century  outlines the possible … Continue reading Carbon emissions: net zero

RSPB resigns from government’s pesticides forum after chemical use soars

This is a real problem in East Anglian rivers! from The Telegraph - The RSPB and dozens of environmental groups have resigned from the government’s pesticides forum after two decades claiming the use of dangerous chemicals is now far worse than when they joined. The charity alongside Wildlife and Countryside Link which represents bodies like The Wildlife Trusts … Continue reading RSPB resigns from government’s pesticides forum after chemical use soars