UK Energy policy hole

    Written evidence submitted by Professor Steve Thomas, Tom Burke CBE & Dr Paul Dorfman (FEI004) Is there a ‘giant hole’ in UK energy policy? Executive summary Despite more than a decade of concerted government effort, only one of the 11 reactors (16GW) the government forecast would be on-line by 2030 has started construction, the plans for seven have collapsed and … Continue reading UK Energy policy hole


Onshore wind – even cheaper?

  Onshore wind farms in UK could cut £50 a year off energy bills - Jillian Ambrose    Wed 12 Jun 2019 22.00 BST     GUARDIAN news Government urged to overturn effective ban to help meet ambitious climate targets Government ministers face rising calls to lift their block on onshore wind farms to help meet the UK’s ambitious climate … Continue reading Onshore wind – even cheaper?

Jobs created in Renewables – AU.

 june 2019 - The number of workers employed by the renewable energy industry keeps growing. In 2018, at least 11 million people around the world held jobs across the renewables sector, from manufacturing and trading to installation. According to the sixth annual jobs report by the International Renewable Energy Agency, the majority of these jobs are concentrated … Continue reading Jobs created in Renewables – AU.

from TEAGS – news

  Sizewell B objections: Thank you to everyone who submitted objections to EDF's planning application to East Suffolk Council for permission to relocate and "upgrade" various Sizewell B facilities. Strong opposition was expressed by many, including Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council, Leiston Town Council and Suffolk Preservation Society. East Suffolk Council will make a decision in September, … Continue reading from TEAGS – news