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Sizewell B objections: Thank you to everyone who submitted objections to EDF’s planning application to East Suffolk Council for permission to relocate and “upgrade” various Sizewell B facilities. Strong opposition was expressed by many, including Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council, Leiston Town Council and Suffolk Preservation Society. East Suffolk Council will make a decision in September, and EDF has admitted that a refusal could delay construction of Sizewell C&D by 15 months. TEAGS is meeting with and lobbying members of the new District Council.

Sizewell C Environmental Impact Assessments “Scoping Opinion”: EDF has written to the Secretary of State seeking a “Scoping Opinion” on the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) it proposes to conduct for Sizewell C&D, and the Planning Inspectorate has requested feedback from statutory consultees, including Town and Parish Councils. TEAGS has written to more than 40 Councils, encouraging them to express concerns that the EIA scoping is based on EDF’s Stage 3 plans and does not take into account feedback from Stage 3 consultations, thereby entirely undermining the consultation process.

Net zero by 2050: Extensive news coverage of the government’s commitment to implement the recommendation of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) by setting a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The nuclear industry’s predictable response is to hail the contribution nuclear can make to the low carbon energy mix, ignoring the inconvenient truth that the carbon cost of enormous builds such as Sizewell C&D would be considerable. We further noted The Guardian’s report on the CCC’s recommendations which stated: “A few nuclear power stations may still be running, if they can compete on cost, though they are not necessary to meet the target, the CCC said.”
The Guardian:


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